At WHITE GLOVE AUTO DETAILING we are a ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY STEAM WASH detailing shop.  Steam wash is a new alternative to the conventional water wash.  The process consists in cleaning care with dry steam under high pressure.  

What Is A Steam Wash?


The difference between a steam wash is that it generates pressurized steam instead of water.  While reducing water consumption to almost zero, you get the same effect - a clean and dry car.


A steam wash is excellent for both flat and con-caved surfaces and for wheels, hubcaps,rims, it can also reach hard-to-access spots such as interior door trim that seems to catch all the dirt and mud.  Steam can also be used to clean the engine which is far more safer than cleaning it with a low system pressure washer as there is too little water in the steam to damage any electrical components.


I challenge you to experience something different and be amazed by our professionalism and our new FORTADOR steamer powered by Lamborghini you will be mind blown by your experience.....     

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