About White Glove Auto Detailing in Watertown, NY

Volkswagen GTI Golf at beach

White Glove Auto Detailing specializes in paint correction/Ceramic Coating. Our number one goal is to bring out a deep luster and shine to the surface of our client’s vehicles. Our technicians achieve this by Performing various stages of paint correction ensuring the surface is at its optimal best.

The difference between wax and ceramic? Ceramic coating is much higher in durability than wax. They resist heat, UV rays, environmental contaminants & harsh detergents much better than wax. Wax also just sits on the paint’s surface, it does not create the chemical bond like ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coatings, are a man-made nanotechnology used for space shuttles due to their heat insulation and anti-corrosion properties. In terms of durability, they far outrank any other protection for a vehicle and can last between 1-6 years. This is something that no wax is capable of. Additionally, they are not restricted to the paint surfaces and can be used to protect almost any surface of your vehicle.

At White glove auto detailing it is our ethos to ensure that you have the best.

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