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As a White Glove Auto Detailing customer you will experience the very best in vehicle detailing!

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We ask all customers to please remove all car seats, as well as anything of sentimental value from your vehicle before being serviced as we are not responsible for lost or forgotten items.  Car seats will not be reinstalled by White Glove Auto Detailing. They will only be reinstalled by the local fire department or the customer.

Machine Polishing


Machine polish helps return gloss and improve the appearance of your paint. This service is meant to bring some life back to clear-coat and remove light marring. The polish will not remove scratches or defects in the paint; a Single or Multi-Stage correction is required to accomplish that.

Single Stage Paint Correction

Car paint job

Removes light surface scratches, swirls, and minor paint imperfections. This service is mainly for vehicles that are less than 3 years old or a lighter color.

Two Stage Paint Correction

Two Stage Paint Correction

Removes approximately 95% of clear coat scratches, clear coat oxidation, swirls and most paint imperfections. This is a service mainly geared for darker colored vehicles and provides a near perfect finish.

Full Vehicle Rust Proofing


Your vehicle is your investment. Get it undercoated to protect it from the rust and rot that it gets from the hazardous elements that come in contact with it on a daily basis. Our permanent Ceramic Glass Coating will maintain the OEM factory look that will help keep the underside of your car structurally sound and rust free while still sustaining that clean look.  No more black rubber specs (Over-spray) and extra weight added on your driveshafts – just a layer of glass protecting your investment. Provides protection for two years.

Ozone Machine Rental

Hourly: $45/hr
Daily: $150/day
clean interior of a BMW

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants in the world, second only to Fluorine. It is three thousand times more potent than chlorine in destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses. Interestingly ozone occurs quite readily in nature, most often as a result of lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms. In fact that “fresh, clean, spring rain” smell that we notice after a storm most often results from nature’s creation of ozone. Ozone generators create ozone in your home or business, ensuring the same clean air as found in nature.

Bed Liner Installation

red crew cab truck after wash

White Glove Auto Detailing provides a variety of bed liner spray-in options, including under the rail, over the rail, black, or factory matched colors. Our spray-in bed liner offers superior truck bed protection that can be compared to the look and feel of Line-X bed liners.

We use a urethane-based truck bed liner system that provides a hard, durable finish and provides superior protection. Our bed liner coating results in a permanent bond with high film build and flexibility. White Glove Auto Detailing does not have franchise fees like Rhino Liner or Line X, so our installation value is unparalleled to competing products. Since we are local to Watertown, New York and are not tied to any bed liner franchise, we can offer customers the best value for their time and money.

Bed Liner Applications

  • Truck Bed Liner
  • Truck and Trailer Liner
  • Utility Truck Bed Liner
  • Fleet Vehicle Bed Liner
  • Dump End Trailer Bed Liner
  • Flat Bed Spray on Bed Liner
  • Utility Trailer Bed Liner
  • Truck side steps spray on Bed Liner

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